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Established in 1964, the Australian Aerosol Association Inc. has over 40 members involved in the manufacture and marketing of aerosol products, or the supply of aerosol components and ingredients to them.



  • foster high industry standards in safety, manufacturing and environmental responsibility
  • address legislative and regulatory challenges at the Federal and State levels
  • meet the needs of industry for technical and legal guidance
  • provide a forum to encourage and share ideas and increase industry knowledge
  • foster the growth and well-being of the Australian industry and promote the image of the aerosol package.
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The Association Works Hard for the Industry to:

  • provide information on legislative and regulatory developments, and address legislative and regulatory challenges at Federal and State level
  • respond to media criticism of the industry, and promote the image of the aerosol package
  • foster high industry standards in safety, manufacturing and environmental responsibility
  • encourage industry innovation
  • organise seminars on key issues, and provide forums to share ideas and network
  • provide a comprehensive aerosol training course featuring expert local and international speakers
  • represent the Australian aerosol industry on the Asian Aerosol Federation (read more). 

Renewed Strategic Direction

It's an exciting but challenging time for the aerosol industry. It’s particularly in a tough market that the value of a local industry association really comes to the fore; providing a strong united voice to effect positive regulatory change, encouraging consistent quality and safety standards, promoting awareness and speaking out to protect the industry, and encouraging and highlighting innovation. 

The Association has served the industry for over 50 years (est. 1964). It is actively ensuring its services continue to remain relevant, supporting its aim to “maximise the growth, prosperity and international competitiveness of all members”. Read more about the Association's strategy, and discover the benefits of membership.

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Some of our Past and Ongoing Achievements Include:


PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS - The Association has run an extensive promotional campaign, designed to correct the widespread misconception that aerosols damage the ozone layer and to promote the recyclability of aerosols.

okts-logo.gifIn conjunction with the Aerosol Association of New Zealand, the Association developed the ‘It's OK to Spray’ logo which was used widely in promotional campaigns and on product. This slogan was adopted by the US and South African aerosol industries and was the theme of an International Aerosol Congress held in Maastricht.

In 1999, the Association's radio campaign to spread the 'No CFC' message won a Silver 'WorldMedal' at the prestigious New York festivals. While the advertising campaign has now come to a close, the Association's website still attracts over 10,000 hits per month, spreading the message of the 'aerosol advantage'.

RECYCLING - Through its founding membership of the Steel Can Recycling Council, the Association funded the establishment of the Cansmart™ Steel Can Recycling Campaign. This campaign, and the Association's own promotions, increased public awareness of the recyclability of aerosols. Read more about aerosol recycling.

Read more about the 'Market Advocacy' goals, targets and achievements of the Association's PR & Marketing Working Group.

STANDARDS - The Association takes a lead role on the PK/13 Standards Committee, responsible for AS2278 - "The Aerosol Standard". Click here to purchase a copy of the Standard.

REGULATORY - The Association has representation on a number of bodies, as well as its own Technical/Regulatory Working Group, and through these is involved in issues such as dangerous goods storage and transport, registration of pesticides, poisons scheduling and occupational health and safety. Read more about the 'Industry/Regulatory Affairs' goals, targets and achievements of the Association's Technical/Regulatory Working Group.

NEWSLETTER - A regular newsletter to members keeps them informed on current issues and includes information from the Association's extensive contacts with 'sister' organisations overseas.

MEMBERS' FUNCTIONS - Regular breakfast briefings, seminars and events are held for members on topical issues.

TRAINING - The Association runs a range of events, including an annual two day Introduction to Aerosol Technology Course. Delivered by a panel of expert local and international speakers, the course continues to be popular with newcomers to the industry and those who need to refresh their industry knowledge. Read more about the Association's 'Training' goals, targets and achievements.


The Association’s Structure  

The Association is incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 and governed by an elected Executive Committee which includes representation from all sectors of the industry. Administration and day-to-day management of the Sydney office is by a full-time Executive Director.

Our Relationships  

The Association networks with the global aerosol industry to keep abreast of emerging and common issues. We are members and co-founders of the Asian Aerosol Federation (established 2011). Read more here. Australia's Aerosol Association is the inaugural Chair of the Federation and provides the body's Secretariat. Read about the Association's 'Asian Future' goals, targets and achievements.

The Association is also corresponding members of the European Aerosol Federation (FEA), and has links to aerosol associations around the world.


How to Join

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Aerosol Association of Australia. 

Membership is open to any company with a commercial interest in the Australian aerosol industry. To discuss membership, contact Philip Fleming on 02 8095 9630 or

Annual Membership subscriptions are calculated on aerosol-related sales turnover. Click here for more on how to become a Member.