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In the Association’s last Member survey, companies said they were members as it was the best way for them to:

  • keep abreast of changes and advancements in aerosol technology
  • understand local and international aerosol industry developments
  • get valuable guidance on aerosol quality and safety standards, regulations, legislation, technology and technical compliance
  • network with the industry, share knowledge, gain supplier support, and have access to aerosol training
  • have a stronger industry voice; especially important to address legislative and regulatory challenges at Federal and State level
  • ensure the Australian industry remains competitive in the global market; in the fight against competition from cheap imports.
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Benefits of Joining the Aerosol Association of Australia

The Association provides valuable and relevant support to its Members by:

  • updating Members about industry changes through a regular newsletter, frequent email alerts, seminars and forums
  • producing Member guidance on key issues
  • lobbying Federal and State government
  • working with the industry to develop industry codes and standards
  • holding regular briefings, seminars and events
  • arranging an annual Introduction to Aerosol Technology Course (Members get discounted rates!)
  • tapping into Members’ experience and contacts to ensure a united, stronger voice on important issues
  • promoting the aerosol as a packaging of choice to the consumer, and key influencers
  • nurturing relationships with other global aerosol associations and key influencers and associations in the Asian region (through the Asian Aerosol Federation, co-founded by the Australian Association).

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Five good reasons to join the Aerosol Association of Australia - read more in this e-brochure about the benefits of membership and the Association's achievements and initiatives.