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How to Join the Aerosol Association of Australia

Membership is open to any company with a commercial interest in the Australian aerosol industry.

To discuss membership, contact Philip Fleming on 02 8095 9630 or

Applications must be proposed and seconded by two member companies and approved by the Executive Committee.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Aerosol Association of Australia.


How to Calculate your Annual Membership Subscription

Annual Membership subscriptions are calculated on aerosol-related sales turnover. This refers to aerosol-related products or services made or supplied in Australia or imported for sales in Australia. GST is not included.

Supply Category


Raw materials
Packaging materials
Equipment for aerosol industry

All sales invoiced to Australian customers.

Aerosol self filling
Aerosol contract filling

Invoiced sales value of all production, destined for Australia and abroad.

Other aerosol sales
(e.g. marketers using contract fillers)

All sales invoiced to Australian customers including imported goods at Australian invoiced sales value.

Contact the Association for more details.