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50 years’ service

Established in 1964, the Australian Aerosol Association Inc. represents companies involved in the manufacture and marketing of aerosol products, or the supply of aerosol components and ingredients.


Our mission is to:

  • foster high industry standards in safety, manufacturing and environmental responsibility
  • address legislative and regulatory challenges at the Federal and State levels
  • meet the needs of industry for technical and legal guidance
  • provide a forum to encourage and share ideas and increase industry knowledge
  • foster the growth and well-being of the Australian industry and promote the image of the aerosol package.
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The Aerosol Advantage

Today's aerosol is the ultimate in modern, user-friendly technology. 

Over 15 billion aerosols are produced worldwide annually - proof of their popularity, convenience and value for money. Here in Australia, we purchase over 240 million aerosols every year - over 10 for every man, woman and child! All aerosols can be recycled.

Environmentally as well as technically, the aerosol has evolved to meet the needs of the twenty-first century. Explore the technical and environmental advantages of the aerosol package throughout this site. 


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  • Association celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2014 - see industry milestones.
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Are YOU recycling your empty aerosols?

 “It’s surprising that more than half of Australians wrongly believe that aerosol cans can’t be recycled,”

said Planet Ark’s Head of Campaigns, Brad Gray. “In fact, they are made from fully recyclable steel or aluminium.

Once they are empty it is perfectly safe to put them in the recycling.” 

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